Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Final Evaluation

For my project in IT, I made a help column about bullying with the help of my peer Khalifa. I wanted to make this project because the sites that are most commonly seen on the internet give and adult's perspective, I think the bullied kids needed to have something from their own perspective. Since I had personal experience from bullying, I should give the kids what they should do, not what they are told to do normally. I think the end product was a bit small, but it's quantity did not bother me, because I believe it's effective and the fact that it will help kids better than some of the other projects. I personally did not like my use of time, I knew I could finish it in one lesson, but I worked very slowly and sometimes got carried away. I think my partner Khalifa gave good ideas but only did a minimum amount of work, as he did not type the column.  
I think I worked well this project. Though I worked slowly sometimes, when I got down to work I really concentrated and did a good job.
I think things I did were my ideas on what we should write in the column, I also I think that the content I wrote in the column were good and had a kid's perspective.  
I think I could improve by working faster, and concentrating fully on the work.
I think I got good feedback from the teacher, as he always kept on saying that I had an excellent idea, and that it would really help kids.
I think that the column would effect every kid as they could see what it feels like being bullied.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Peer Evaluation

I think our class is doing a great job either making games, or other great things.

i think our blog ( will be really good!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

More Information

Currently I've looked through some forums and bullying websites and what I've noticed is that the information they is give is the same, and that it isn't a kid's perspective, 

For example; A website states that standing up for yourself will help stop the bullying, but from my own experience it doesn't help.

This sort of justification will be evident in my help column as I will give a kid's perspective. Something that I hope will help kids better than what the normal sites say.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Design Specification and Plan

My design for my help column would probably be A separate page on the class's anti-bullying site. It will probably colored in dark colors and I'm planning to put some pictures with the column itself once it's done. Id also like to put other links to other help sites for people who get bullied.

I'd like to plan it out in a way where a person would read through the column and ask question through a response/forum system. And through that system I would answer their questions, if they had any.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Investigation Bullying Help Column

For my contribution to the school bullying site, I will write a advice column about bullying and handling it, from a personal view for middle school students.


For this I had to investigate through forums and personal blogs, to see how people felt about bullying and how they handled it. 

Introduction post

To introduce our help column, we started a self guide on how the reader is bullied.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

New Unit

Good News!

We started our new unit, about bullying we are supposed to spread information on it to our school through the internet.

This is what we have to do:


Explore 3 possible tools to use for your project. Write a blog post answering these questions:
  1. What are the features of each animation software? In other words, describe what each can do and what they can create.
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using each one?
  3. Add hyperlinks to your blog post to the websites where these tools are found and/or where there are tutorials showing how to use them.


  1. Design your project on bullying in school!
  2. What are you going to produce?
  3. What will it look like? What will it's function be? How will it be evaluated?
  4. What will you need to create it?
  5. Write a blog post detailing all of your design ideas so that your project can be approved


Write a plan showing how you will complete your project. What will you do first? What will you need to do to complete the project?
How will the product you have created be evaluated? How do we decide if it is a good product or not?
  • Write a blog post describing your plan for completing the project
  • Write a list of criteria for the evaluation of your finished product


Work on your proposed project and complete all sections. Make sure you write at least 2 blog posts while you are doing this. On your blog you can talk about how you are using the software as well as any problems or successes you are having.


Your final piece of work for this unit is as follows:
  1. Writing a peer review of another student's product (this will take place the week starting Date)
    • During class you are to review one other products and write a constructive review for that person. Here are the instructions for doing this:
      • Write a blog post describing (not reflecting) your final product. Include at the end of this descriptive passage 3 bullet points with specific requests to your reviewers eg. Was the level of difficulty for the game too high?, or was the script easy to understand?
      • Publish this blogpost and have your blog open on the desktop
      • Now, open you product and have it available for viewing
      • As we rotate around the class you will read the other persons blogpost and look at their product
      • Click on the 'Comments' at the end of their blogpost to post your review as a comment
      • Do not forget to add your name, eg My name is '.....' here is what I think:
      • Publish your comment
  2. Writing an evaluation of your own work on your blog. This is criterion E. For full marks (6/6) you are to:
    • discuss strengths and weaknesses of your product based on the peer review: what improvements were suggested, what did you modify and change?
    • discuss the strength and weaknesses of your performance during this unit: what did you do well in? what could you have done better?
    • discuss the impact this product may/will have on your friends and family.

Our final evaluation must be completed by Date
 (3 weeks time)